Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up and a Holiday

Ok, so the weekend was fun. Drowsy Chaperone ended up being all that I thought it would be. Nuff said after my long dissertation last time.

Saturday night I took my daughter to my niece's harvest festival. The school gym is being renovated so they had to have it at another location this year, which just happened to be my old elementary school. The picture above was taken Saturday night in the girls bathroom that looks EXACTLY the same as it did 30 years ago. I know I'm dating myself. They still have the Boraxo soap dispensers with the powdered soap(you know the kind of soap that never completely washes off.) I can't even begin to tell you the plans that were hatched in that bathroom. We dreamed up the Great Shaving Cream Incident of Halloween '79 in that bathroom... allegiances were made and destroyed in that bathroom... tales of love and devotion to Robbie Dean were discussed in that bathroom... I guess we spent lots of time in that bathroom. Hmmm... what were the teachers thinking letting 3 or 4 girls go at a time? Tuition money well spent I tell ya!

Here is the stage where I made my acting debut in the critically acclaimed portrayal of... Wendy in Peter Pan. There were 4 performances, 3 different girls playing Wendy, and I got to do 2 of the nights since I so rocked at playing Wendy (plus I had previous acting experience since I filmed a season of Romper Room when it came to town.) I had big dreams back in the day. Sadly, my acting career ended in high school when I decided to party and hang out with my boyfriend instead of with the stupid drama club. What could have been... It was really fun seeing my old stomping grounds. This harvest party was way more fun than the one at my daughter's school because they have beer and wine at this one. Our's doesn't because Sr. Principal doesn't want the kids to know we drink. Come on Sr. Principal.... They know we drink - we're CATHOLIC for crying out loud - or did you forget?

Completely switching topics now. I just wanted to show the domestic goodness that came from my kitchen tonight. I don't have school tomorrow (thank you veterans of America) so my family actually got a home cooked meal. I finally seasoned my wok (that I've had for about a year or so) and pulled out my cookbooks and whipped out this baby... Hoisin Beef & Veggies. Yummy!!
It's a combination of recipes from the two cookbooks below. I went to a cooking class taught by the author of the Breath of a Wok and learned how to make some really tasty stir-fry and other delights for Chinese New Year. I think the seasoning part of the wok sounded much more ominous than it turned out to be and that is why I procrastinated.

I got the main recipe from Robin Miller's book acutally. I just added some extra seasonings from a sauce in the Wok book. I really like this cookbook by Robin Miller. She's not my most favorite gal on Food Network (Ina - you're still my top girl) but I like her recipes and have made several recipes now from this book that are quite tasty.

I have a serious addiction to cookbooks. Serendipitous Girl can attest as she has seen my stash. I don't always cook from them. I just like to know that they are there if I need. In addition to cooking and baking, I really like food styling and photography so sometimes I buy a book just to look at the pictures. I know... it's a sick addiction.


Willie said...

U sure have memories at that school huh? The washroom soap dispenser is unique. We don't have it in our school. Just a usual water tapper.

Big Hair Envy said...

My high school bathroom hasn't changed since the early sixties. Powdered soap? Check. Door locks broken? Check. Rusted out towel dispensers? Check. Memories if what went on in that bathroom? Priceless!!!!

BTW - After seeing your stir fry, I'm considering picking up a wok:)

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

I have a serious addiction to YOUR cookbooks! As your couch can attest ... I hope my ass print isn't still there!

Predo said...

OMG!!!! I did not know you were a STAR!!!! Not just any star, but a star of the Stage! (sidenote - SSG, remember "B" was a STAR too!)

I feel so weak, can I be your stalker?

So tell me, how many hearts did you plot to break in that bathroom? Ah, to be a fly on the wall there!!!