Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hope Floats

I think I have been depressed since the election of 2000. I knew the country was heading in the wrong direction with the election of Bush. This depression was compounded by 9-11 and the Iraq war. There was a glimmer of hope with the 2004 election. I just knew that America would see the error of it's choice 4 years ago and finally do something to turn it around. How couldn't we all see the cronyism, corruption, misguided judgements, and downright pitbull attitude of the current administration? Americans are smart. I just knew that we would recognize all of this and realize that America is so much better than the direction our leaders were taking us.

Election night 2004 is the first time in my life that I lost hope. Our country bitterly divided and ruled by fear mongering...how do you counter that? Continually talking about 9-11, war, terrorists ready to take us all out - it's easy to see why it happened this way. We were always under the threat of attack from the unknown and they only way to stay safe was to keep the current party in control.

A tiny flicker of hope started to shine when the presidential campaigns got underway. At least we'd have a new administration regardless of which party that might be. But something else has happened along the way... someone started to talk about hope and bringing people together. Not just the usual rhetoric of crossing across the aisle in Washington, rather bringing all people together again as Americans. Not dems or republicans, red states or blue states...but all people working together for the good of our nation. Someone finally realizes that America has just lost her way. Our can-do spirit and world renowned optimism hasn't been lost forever, only buried under eight years of politics that divide and push fear into peoples hearts.

I have cautiously guarded my developing little flame of hope... careful not to let it go out too early. It has been stoked over the last 18 months by watching democracy in action. Seeing young people become involved in the democratic process for the first time and so many people energized again and believing again in the promise of our country. It has been stoked and tended and is burning bright once again.

Just as Sandra Bullock found hope again in the aforementioned title of this post...I too have let hope rise up and float again. I'm excited for today. I am HOPEful that we will have a new President that will lead us and restore our standing in this world. Someone to fight for all people in this country...not just the ideology of one particular party or faction of a party.

I am prepared for the possibility that Obama may not win. If it weren't for the fact that the Republican choice for VP is completely inept, I would even be OK if McCain wins. What comforts me this time is that so many people are involved again and realize that our voices do matter and our votes do make a difference. I think that whoever gets into office will have the voice of the people to answer to. I am hopeful that we will never allow another administration to hijack the will of the people. I have hope.

I realize this post is a little sappy and might be over the top to some. I can't help it. I am hopeful again.


Predo said...

Justin Matisse said "Dancing's just a conversation between two people. Talk to me."

You are definitely speaking my language!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Yeah BOB! He made it!!! I heard you whooped it up! Wish we were together clinking our vodkas and TJ's sparkling lemonade, but hopefully in a couple of weeks! xo, Bob