Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Sorry, this picture isn't the best. Predo has a really fun post today about his addiction to music. His post took me back to 1982 and Freshman year. I couldn't get the photo out of the frame (yes, it's that old) so I had to scan the whole thing.

OMG I was the biggest idiot in high school... especially Freshman year. I guess most people probably felt this way at some point or another in high school. Right? Anyone?

Anyways, I totally remember taking this picture and what I was wearing, which illustrates my point about being an idiot perfectly. So from the top up, I don't look so bad huh? Oh contraire mon ami because if you could have seen the entire ensemble you would understand. Let me paint the picture for you... envision my grey top, bright red painter pants (with the cuffs rolled up because I'm so short), grey argyle socks and (I kid you not) purple Nike's. Also, you can't really tell that my hair is half-way orange colored from all of the Sun-In I used on my hair that summer. I remember this outfit because for some reason I felt very cute in it. What in THE hell was my mother thinking letting me out of the house like that? To add to the horror, I now realize what I must have smelled like all day long living with chain smokers in the house. My mom drove one of those tiny little Honda Civics and would chain smoke, with the windows rolled up mind you, on the way to school. It was like a scene out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High as I arrived at school and exited the car with puffs of smoke swirling about me... only not the good kind.

Somehow, I survived Freshman year with a bit of dignity intact. I progressed a little Sophomore year and went with the fashion forward hairstyle where one side was extremely short and the other side was left long and in a bob. Was there a name for it? The chopped bob or something or other? I really rebeled and got a second ear piercing on one ear...against my mother's wishes. She didn't notice for 4 months until my grandma commented on how cute it was.

Junior year was super fun. I let my best friend talk me into getting a perm. I ditched the Sun-In and went to get my hair professionally bleached. For some reason, I thought just doing my bangs would look awesome...? I also discovered tanning that year and turned orange. I got my drivers license and my first job as an ice cream parlor girl at Flakey Jakes. Anyone remember those places? You would order a hamburger with no toppings and then head to a condiment bar to add the condiments to your hearts content. That job didn't last long because I kept calling in sick to go to parties. Or, would have my friend call in for me as my mom. One time I actually got a sling and walked in with it on my ice cream scooping arm. I proceeded to pretend to try to work until they sent me home. The rest of that year was really just one big party.

By senior year, I had settled down a bit. My hair was all one length and completely highlighted. I had my first serious boyfriend and was IN love. Maybe that's why I don't remember much about senior year until I hear a song from that time. Careless Whisper by Wham, I Feel For You by Chaka Khan, Crazy for You by Madonna, Don't You by Simple Minds, West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys... Any of those take me back to a really fun time in life. Thanks Predo for the trip down memory lane. I'm looking forward to the next time warp.


Big Hair Envy said...

I, too, enjoyed Predo's post about music. 1982 - I was 16, and a sophomore. Those were the days!!! I loved your story about the red pants. I had red pants as well, but I wore them with either Docksides or Candies!! Bwahahaha! Chaka Chan & Madonna could be heard blaring from my car (a yellow Pinto :D ) at any given moment in time. I'm glad to have lived through those days, but I'm even MORE glad that they are over!!!!

Predo said...

Holy Cow! You did not actually type "Sun-In"! You did not! I totaly forgot about that, and ohhhh yes, I too partook in the shamelessness of Sun-In! I remember it well, "If a little bit looks this good, why don't I continue to dowse my full head of hair every 30 minutes from 10am to 4pm, without leaving the summer sun for one single moment!! (Oh, did I tell you I am half Irish, and half German?) - To date, I don't think the red tone of my hair has ever been duplicated! Now that is Hawt!!! I am going to have to plan a party for sure now! We can watch, The Outsiders the The Breakfast Club, and then Sixteen Candles! We can eat pop-rocks and dress up like we were in all those videos!!! Ah, I still remember the first day MTV was on!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Oh my LAWD this post brought back some memories. And how CUTE are you?! I love that BHE & "Predo" are stopping by here. I think we need to boycott Vancouver and take Wade and head back east!

Predo said...

Oh, SSG says come to Portland this week-end!!!!