Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I feel Giddy

A new day... I'm still giddy from last night.

What a night! It was one of those that I'll remember for the rest of my life. I can recall so many moments in time and exactly where I was and what was going on when something monumental has happened. I will never forget at 8:01 last night when the polls closed on the west coast and the announcement that Barack Obama is President Elect of our country. I will never forget jumping up and down and screaming in a group hug with my family and with my neices and 5 year old daughter jumping up and down too and getting caught up in all of the excitement. What a night.

What I'm struck by this morning is how much the rest of the world is celebrating right along with us. Already, we see change starting as nations around the globe embrace the news of change in our country and are hopeful for what that means to helping bring about change in the around the world. I am struck by the images from around the country of SO many people out celebrating and embracing each other. So many flags being waved, tears being was an amazing sight. What this election means for my daughter and nieces and all of the young people in this nation will not be truly realized for years to come but I know it's effect will be far reaching.

So back to work today... I have a big Photoshop project due tomorrow and lots of other homework to do. Little Bob is still under the weather so is home from school...lots of laundry and housecleaning to do. The usual exciting stuff... I will be doing all today with a silly little grin on my face.


Predo said...

Thumbs up Sista!!! I am so tired today, but the lack of sleep due to total excitement was worth it!

Give little Bob a little squeeze and a hug for me! I hope he gets better soon!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Hey Bobby! I hope the little Bob feels better! AM SO HAPPY about last night. And HELLO?! Love the new banner! With all the free time you have on your hands, you've got to hook an SSG up--I love the multiple photos like that! And the subject matter, of course : ) xo, Bob