Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things...

This little meme is currently circulating on Facebook. Thought it would be good blog fodder...

25 random things about me:

1. My favorite color is orange

2. I was on Romper Room when I was a kid... I still remember it

3. I wanted to be a Broadway star when I was little and would put on shows for my family. My favorites to sing were Barbara Streisand songs

4. I don't like the last bit of beverages in bottles or cartons. I won't finish the milk

5. I doodle on everything

6. I ran into Goldie Hawn when shopping at a specialty food store in Vancouver BC

7. I want to visit every Disney park... I have been to the ones in California and France.

8. I had a secret service pass for one day when the President came to the Baltics...I met the Clintons while in the Peace Corps

9. I love favorites are peony, hydrangea & roses. My grandma had the most beautiful walkway with roses...anytime I smell one I think of her.

10. I frequently dream about tornados

11. I have over 300 "To-Do" items on my life/bucket list. I've crossed 24 items off since I made it two years ago

12. I want to learn how to kayak

13. My dad is one of 15 kids...I have a huge extended family

14. I don't know how to sew. Otherwise, I'm very crafty

15. I truly believe life is an adventure and you should spend your time doing what you is too short

16. I would like to learn how to play the cello but can't read music...i've tried. I love all kinds of music

17. I have traveled in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Monaco, China, Mexico, Canada and all over the US...I love to travel

18. I love to swim and used to swim on summer and year round swim teams growing up. I was always extremely tan and used to tell people I was Puerto Rican... don't ask me why. Must have seen a beautiful Puerto Rican woman at some point when I was kid. Might have just liked saying it?

19. when I was a kid, I loved to put on my mom's belly dancing outfit and hop around ringing her little bells

20. I have been on two whale watching excursions and have yet to see a whale in the wild...very disappointing

21. I love taking pictures but have so much to learn..I hope to have an exhibit of my photos someday

22. I love animals and wanted to be a vet until I realized I can't be around animals when they are in pain

23. Two of my favorite quotes are "Not all who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien quote
"You must be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi

24. I used to love to scuba dive... I haven't been since I ruptured my ear drum. It hurts to go in the deep end of the pool now.

25. If I weren't in graphic design school, I'd be in culinary school. Still's on the list

I realize that many of you have probably already posted something similar (I hadn't yet) so I'll tag anyone who wants to answer this...

Dental update:

LB made it through AND we got x-rays. She's excited to be part of the no-cavity club. I learned on the way to the dentist that she is most afraid of the flouride treatment at the end because it's so sticky and yucky. Thankfully, they were able to use a different kind today since they were successful with using the little suction tube...last time it made her gag and vomit. The x-rays confirmed that LB's mouth is going to be too crowed and orthodontia is in our future....woo hoo. I don't know if there is enough "happy" gas in the world to get LB to relax for jaw surgery and/or braces.


Unknown said...

Cute Meme...I may have to steal this!!

I am so glad LB had a great visit at the dentist!! That is great news about no cavities.


Bella Della said...

Fun post. I love learning all these fun facts about folks.

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Oh good! I'm SO glad she made it through! And the part about you telling people you were Puerto Rican cracked me up : )

I think we should do culinary school together when we're both rich. Can you imagine how FUN THAT WOULD BE?!

Predo said...

Romper Room? I bow to your greatness! Please forgive me for all that I have done without correctly worshipping you! You are the gravity that hold the human race upon this earth!

Can I have your autograph?

LOL - on a side note, I am so glad she came out of the dentist without have to hurt anyone! I hope each visit for her gets a lot easier each time.

Suz Broughton said...

Romber Room? Lucky! I loved that show!