Thursday, January 8, 2009

random this and that

-29 days until paradise...yep, going to hawaii!!!!! need better weather!

-we've moved from snow emergencies to flood emergencies. our home is on a hill above a major flooding area. coming home from school tonight, i could see the hwy closed just after the turn off for our house. i also could see the light reflecting in the water across the hwy. poor people who's homes are being ruined right now...

-i've been changing things up a bit around here. going through the 1000's of bookmarks i have to favorite sites etc. as you can see i've added some over in my sidebar. if you are in need of a pick-me-up-and-instantaneously-put-you-in-a-good-mood site then go here now. i hadn't been for some time and spent 20 minutes yesterday bugging my school chums with my ooh's and ahh's over how "cute" everything is on the site.

-another fun distraction right now is TBTL... too beautiful to live. i have been listening to them on the way home from school since last summer. you can hear them through their site or through iTunes. there are some really funny bits if you need a laugh. their blog is fun too. they are on 97.3fm in seattle.

-working on some fun designs for cafe press and etsy. will have some things to share with you soon.

-working on designing a few websites...super exited about that!

-LOVE my classes this quarter!! i especially am loving my final cut pro editing class. i did a super quick little edit this morning for practice in class. got to put some shots together from seaworld and add music. look out Scorsese and Spielberg... gonna give you a run for your $$!

-forgot to mention that i saw Slumdog Millionaire a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. don't think it was THE best movie i saw this year. it certainly was good though. saw one of the actors on jay leno a few weeks ago talking about how mumbai is just as it appears in the movie and what a strage juxtaposition it is to have one of the nicest hotels in the world right across the street from the slums. i don't know what my favorite movie of the year is. i can't really remember all that i've seen.

-spending WAY too much time on Facebook... i joined the Starblazers fan club today. please tell me one of you out there loved this show as much as i did growing up?

-redecorating is on my mind...much to my husband's dismay as it involves a large amount of painting. i have lots of bold colors on the walls and am ready to go to more neutrals and bring colors in in other ways. i think i can decorate more seasonally that way. i'm always changing things around.

that's it for me... how are all of you?


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Hey Bob! I've been thinking about you and the flooding--good LAWD. They closed a section of I-5 between Camp Bob & Camp Portland : ( Can I squeeze into one of your carry ons and go to Hawaii with you guys?

I'll be around MLK weekend--come on down!

Frita said...

Of course SSG... i'll put you in my purse and tell them your name is fifi :o)

i'll let you know on mlk weekend. heading out to waldport if we do... via camp portland of course!

Big Hair Envy said...

Hawaii? **jealous**

You mentioned 24 in my comment section. I LIVE for new episodes!! I've been in love with Kiefer since the dawn of time:)

Predo said...

Funny, you never told me what seat I was on. Wait, you never told me we were going! Wait, oh, I get it. It is a surprise trip for me!

Just kidding, I loved it there. Kick off the snow, rain, flooding, blizzard, Arctic Blast nightmares and enjoy the beach!!!!

Remember, it is a minimum of one cocktail per hour!