Friday, February 6, 2009

I bid you adieu

I'm finally done with THE longest week in history trying to take care of all of my school work that is due when I'm gone or right upon my return...but enough of that because I'm on vacation! Woo Hoo! Similarly to SSG, because of our twin status, I tend to take on the world when getting ready to go on a trip. I'm also usually the planner extraordinaire, but not this time. Perhaps it's our destination and I'm already on island time...?

Possibly...or the fact that we're going to visit friends and they'll have a great list of things we must see? (Our good friends and their two 5 year old kids (not twins) moved there last year and we're off to see them.) More than likely, I've been too gosh darn busy to worry about it. So, today is my one and only day to clean the house and get packed before we need to leave at 5:30 am tomorrow morning. We'll see the major highlights of Oahu I'm sure and then just hang out with our friends. I wouldn't normally head out without an agenda so this will be a new way of traveling for me. We'll see if I like it. Perhaps all of our trips now will be free wheeling, go where the wind blows us? Uh...probably not.

The one thing I'm dying to see however is....

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been on TWO whale watching adventures and have yet to see an actual whale outside of the aquarium. A friend at school just returned from Maui yesterday and reports that the whales are EVERYWHERE. I'm just hoping that all of the whales don't exclusively visit Maui as their winter destination and a few are up at Oahu. If I don't see one stinking whale then maybe it's just not in the cards for me. So stay tuned folks. I will be live blogging from the island, with a tropical cocktail in hand, and have a full report from the Bob's big adventure to the islands and all the hijinx that ensues when living with three 5 years olds.

SSG...we love ya! Have a fantastic trip to see the munchkins! Kisses to all from us.



Unknown said...

Oooohhh, have so much fun. I will be thinking about you and can not wait to hear and see all about the adventures!!! Enjoy!


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

You have a great trip to Bob! Can't wait to hear ALL ABOUT IT! It's going to be AMAZING! said...

Oh, how exciting! I want to go soooo bad! Would love to go anywhere tropical. Can Cun is the most tropical I have ever been. I hope you have tons of fun and think that trying the freewheeling attitude on for size is a wonderful idea. Nothing to lose!