Monday, May 19, 2008

What's New?

Long time no chat...  I've been a touch busy these days.  School is amazing and my head is full of new and exciting things.  I'm putting together a portfolio for my 2D Design class so will post some of the fun projects I've been working on.  Currently, I'm taking a desing class, typography and photoshop.  Love all my classes - especially photoshop.  Have some big projects coming up so don't know how much I'll be posting but hope to use this more to document what I'm working on.

Other news... 

Adoption front - still moving at a snail's pace and I can imagine will continue to do so in light of the current disaster situation in China along with the upcoming Olympics.  We're deciding if we want to continue with the process or not.  Life is moving on and things seem to be falling into place and we're happy with where we are heading.  We'll see how things progress.  Certainly not what I had pictured back when we were getting married.  I thought for sure I'd have a household of kiddos by now.  Life sometimes has a different plan than you do.

China earthquake - lots of devastation and the full extent really isn't known yet.  Plenty of places to donate to.  Beyond the normal (Red Cross, Mercy Corps, etc.) think of donating to organizations that work with adoption and orphans.  Many orphanages have been damaged in the earthquake and some are not inhabitable anymore.  These children are in need of a home yet again.   There are some great agencies working with getting help to the orphanages.  Check out the following websites:

Paris '08 Baby - Yup...I'm going to France.   Happy 40th bday to me... More to come later...