Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Friday

We might get a little bit of this on Saturday. I'm sure those of you that live in a snowy place would be very amused if visiting the Pacific NW on a snowday. Life as we know it comes to a complete halt at the first sign of a flake. People freak out and head to the store to stock up like they are preparing for the storm of the century. The news folks love it and get all their cool new graphics and little jingles going to herald the coverage of "Blizzard - 2007." No one knows how to drive in it and people abandon their cars all over the place. To their defense, we do live in a very hilly area, but for the love of Pete... don't go out if you are afraid to drive in the snow. Our Saturday is jam packed with two birthdays and a wreath making party so I'm hoping that it holds off until Sunday or doesn't show up at all. Probably the latter since the weatherman has been making a big deal of it. We really only need to worry when he says that there won't be any snow action.

Tonight is a rematch with Brother-in-law and girlfriend in Knights of Catan. Anyone know how to play Settlers? It's super addicting once you learn how. Hubs and I were up until midnight the other night playing and working out our strategies for our rematch. The game ends when you reach 12 points but we kept playing until we ran out of all of the cards and game pieces.

The rest of the weekend is church, decorating and finishing wrapping presents. I'm so excited to report that I am actually finished with my shopping this year with the exception of teachers gifts but they are going to get Starbucks cards, homemade goodies and something handmade from little miss so not too much to take care of on that end. I made a decision to really enjoy this holiday season and partake in all the magic and merriment and not spend it looking for the elusive parking spot at the mall.

**Edited several days later** We did get some snow that didn't really amount to much. The big story though is that we had super heavy rains for several days that resulted in some really awful flooding in several areas around the state. Hundreds of people are homeless and/or have lost their livelihood and have been completely devastated. Please keep them in your prayers.