Monday, April 6, 2009

Crickets Chirping...

Well hello to anyone who might still be reading this!

Last quarter kicked my fanny and when I did have a moment—I didn't want to be on the computer much...Or if I was, it was only to play Bejeweled on Facebook. Getting my fanny kicked there too!

Anyhoo...I'm back and have a long update so grab a drink, get comfy and take a peek at what I've been up too:

In the middle of tests and all of my projects, I somehow found the time to bake 240 cupcakes and a wedding cake for my friends wedding. My arm and hand hurt for the next day or two. I have a new appreciation for pastry chefs for sure. Might need to cross that one off of the life list.

I must say, the cake was fabulous thanks to a recipe my friend, a super talented chef, shared with me. French vanilla cake with a fresh strawberry filling and smothered in a white chocolate ganache. Can you taste it...? The bride's friend doing flowers backed out at the last minute and there weren't any for the cake so I threw some fresh strawberries and white chocolate curls all over it. Thankfully, the bride is super easy-going and didn't really care what it looked like...

St. Patrick's Day was thoroughly celebrated. Little Bob's school has a huge parade each year and really do it up.

Little Bob is back in action with soccer. Notice the Power Ranger shirt??? We' SHE... is planning her PR birthday party. It's not til the end of the year so I told her we'll wait to see if she still likes them by then. Half of a year is like 5 years in little kiddom so who knows by then!

We have had tea parties...

And took a trip to B.C. Oh, how I love you Vancouver!

And you too pastries... these little lovelies can be found at the Granville Public Market on Granville Island. Granville is a great place to spend a day! Lots of little shops, art galleries, fantastic restaurants, the waterfront, and the Public Market with tons of great little stalls to while away a day.

Heading to Stanley Park across town. No wonder they are hosting the next Winter Olympics!

Speaking of... we ran into the countdown clock.


Listening to...

Reading... and eating... and cooking! This is a great cookbook! I love how things are arranged by ingredients and flavors. I am working my way through the banana section right now. The Texas banana muffins and spiced breakfast bread are to-die-for!

Want to read... Have you read Orangette ... Molly Wizenberg's food blog? It's a great read, full of amazing recipes and even a touching love story. Did you know your blog can lead you to your husband...? SSG you reading this? :o) Check out her blog and her book. Can't wait to get it!

Loving... Seattle's Soccer team!

Here is a project that I put together for my editing class. I had about a week to throw it together and, as always, had certain time and other restrictions/requirements. Our video from this trip was not compatible with the equipment at school and there wasn't time to get it formatted to do so so I had to slap some pictures together from the trip. The pics really should have been edited and it will be much better when I have the actual video... but here is a little snippet of what will ultimately be about 5 times longer. It's about 4 1/2 minutes in length so watch when you have the time. It's sweet...

I have a great little Flash movie that I made and wanted to show you but, alas, I can't figure out how to get Flash movies on Blogger. I have googled a bit and it seems pretty convoluted right now, so when I figure it out will post it. It's 1440 frames of animation and is an Easter greeting to the tune of Here Comes Peter Cottontail. It will ultimately be posted on my website.

So tomorrow is the start of the final quarter of my design program. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I don't feel like I've really learned enough to actually get a job but part of that is just my own negative self talk taking over (see how much time I spend above telling you why my video sucks?). The fact of the matter is that I AM a new designer and will learn more and discover more as I go along. All of my teachers speak of how they cringe when they look at their design work from the initial years of their career. I know I will too. I still cringe when I see work from the first quarter! lol... One of my classes this quarter is putting together my online portfolio. mean I have to actually put it out there for others to see...she asks with sweaty palms and nervous giggle?!?

Off to work I go...


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...


Love, love, love your photos and the cupcake and cakes looked AWESOME! As did that fun polka dot table cloth and set up!

Love you!

(And yes, I <3 Orangette and MUST get her book!)

Predo said...

WOW! How could your absence not be forgiven with that kind of work load! You are simple amazing, well, sexy and amazing!

On a side note, can you develop a program that would pop those cakes right out of the computer and into my waiting hands? Yummmmmmmy!!!!

Amazing, simply amazing!