Sunday, January 11, 2009


Dreaming of new palettes for my home. Currently, I have lots of orange and red on the walls. I love both is my favorite color...but I find that it's hard to accessorize. I like to change things seasonally so my pretty spring pastels don't always mix with the deep oranges and reds on the walls. I will say that one of my favorite color combination (especially for flowers) is orange, red, and hot pink. Looks good in wedding bouquets. Not so much on the walls.

I'm thinking of going to a more neutral hue for the wall color and then adding color in through the accessories and changing it seasonally. Another thought is to go to black and white with bits of that too.
I also like the picture above of the white kitchen with the brown wall. Hmmm... still going to play around with it for a bit. Anyone have any good sites of designers they look to for ideas? Most of these pics are from House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, and Country Living.


Predo said...

Paint a nice basic on all the walls. Like your favorite pants. Neutral khaki or off white. Maybe an antique white. Then you can paint a focus wall in specific areas that you can change with the season or your taste. Simple colors, nothing really dark and hard to coat. It is that simple. Kind of like a wardrobe, you get a base you like, and grow from there. Design your house colors, like the clothes you wear. Easy.

Nice ideas by the way!!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Dude. We. So. Are. Going. To. Have. The. Same. House. Luckily you're MUCH better at getting things DONE than I am.

Love, love, love it all! You know I love Whatever's house : ) said...

Oh, I love all of those! I kind of wanted the same thing desperately for our bedroom when we moved into this house. Nothing too busy! Soft colors or neutrals to relax in. It had always been so colorful before. So my walls are painted in a vertical tone on tone stripe of light camel and a soft beige. They're about a foot wide, floor to ceiling and then I've got mossy green around the rest of the room with the beige for curtains, bed linens and chairs. It really did turn out serene.
I have always loved that soft. pale teal blue that is so popular right now. It would be pretty with other pastels as well. Although no one seems to put anything with it but chocolate brown!