Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Quick Hello

I have been MIA for several days and probably will be until I'm finished with school next week. Here's a bit of what I have been up to...

Got Cache?
I so love my camera. It even picks up the heat from the fire.

Where are the kookeez?
In short:

Tree up

Twililght - great! I'm SO buying Tiger Beat & putting Edwards pics up on my wall

SSG - lovely hostess as always

SSG's neighbor - little bob reports he's very cute and has rather large and manly hands

Predo - 3 little letters H-O-T ladies

Ms. Fisher - Two of us love you honey

Loving the sunny days

Portland - THE place to be

Thanksgiving - So thankful I didn't have to cook. Thanks mom!

In addition to travels and celebrating, I'm finishing up projects for school:

-First website ever...hopefully of many millions more
-CD cover
-Book cover
-Believably Unbelievable composition - essentially combining about 10-20 pictures in Photoshop into one totally awesome fantasy. I'm going for the Winter Wonderland meets Willy Wonka meets India look?? Hmmm....

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I can't wait to be done with this quarter so I can bake, watch Christmas shows, read my friends blogs, etc. See you soon...


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

I LOVE your camera! And you!

And Fisher sez "tank u 4 dah vizit. U haz cookeez 4 meez?"

Predo said...

Camera? No one said anything about a camera! I could have set a photo shoot! I could have broken out the speedo's! I could have brought out the feather boa collection!

Just Kidding (not really) - but it was fabulous meeting you! Next time I hope I am not crashing from a week of a housefull of people. We can have a "Gyrls Night"!!!!