Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Storm 2008...cue the ominous music

I haven't ventured out yet to take any pictures so this is courtesy google images...

The weatherman predicted it... just about 24 hours late is all. Wednesday night and Thursday morning were to be the days of the continued "December Storm 2008!!!" All the schools were closed for fear of having trapped kiddos mid-day... visions of school buses sliding off the road... you know how the news can get you wound up. So no school and NO SNOW! Thankfully, I didn't have to call in sick anywhere to stay home with N but I know lots of people who did and they weren't happy. I guess we're a hard bunch to please because if they hadn't closed the schools and it did snow and kids were stuck, then there would be hell to pay as well. What can you do?

So about 4:00 yesterday afternoon it finally did hit and it hasn't let up. Life has come to a standstill around these parts. People in the Pacific NW just don't know how to get around in it. If this is an indication of how this winter is going to proceed, I think we all need to learn pretty quickly. Life can't cease to happen just because it snows... Thankfully, there has been a 2 day break from snow and ice and I was able to get out and finish Christmas stuff, grocery shop, etc.

I lived in Estonia while in the Peace Corps and it snowed there all winter. People were out and about and life continued on. I think the difference here is we have lots of steep hills in the Seattle area and, out here in the burbs, our resources are really spread out. You can't walk easily to schools and other things that you need.

Has anyone heard of a winter thunderstorm? I hadn't until last night... it's pretty rare. Apparently just like regular thunderstorm but with snow. We had one last night. There was lots of noise and flashes of light. I didn't hear it but my sis further south in Seattle did.

My daughter hasn't been to school all week between late starts at school and preschool being cancelled. I'm sure she won't tomorrow so she is having a nice long Chirstmas break. I'm thankful that daddy is home today. Mama is running out of things to do to I need to finish my baking.

Hoping SSG, Predo and all of the rest of you in this as well are safe.


Predo said...

I am safe, and SSG got to the office today! We get to roll the dice and play again in the morning! Ha!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

See that huge mountain of snow in that picture? SSG's car is under there somewhere.

THANKS AGAIN for my prezzie, Bob! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!